How It Works

Steps for ordering your very own pet portrait.
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1. Sending your artwork request

Pet Art portraits come with many options, and filling out a artwork request helps make sure each specification for your art is considered and recorded. The artwork request form will go over the following:

Providing your pet reference photos

Find your favourite pet photo(s) and have them ready to attach to your artwork request. 1-3 is usually enough, but make sure the photo(s) are good quality and have a relatively close view of subject's the face.

(Please note: request form only allows for 5 photos, but more can always be provided later during consultation.

If you need high-quality a photo taken, Pet Art offers custom photo shoots for the purpose of creating a good reference photo for your artwork.

Choosing your portrait options

Standard artwork includes a bust style portrait of a single subject with prices based on the size and medium. Click here for standard artwork pricing charts

Art is available in Graphite Pencil (B&W) or Pastel Pencil (Colour) as well as 3 standard sizes: 8x10/11x14/16x20. Custom sizes available upon request.

Extra Features: To further personalize a piece, extra features are available to add-on. Click here for full list of extra features.

2. Consultation with artist

Once your request is received, you will be contacted via email, typically within 24 hours, to discuss your artwork in more detail.

Confirming Artwork Expectations

Details of your request will be listed for your confirmation. Any missing information needed will be asked for.

This is also an opportunity to answer any questions you may have regarding your artwork.

Composition & Quote Approval

Once all details are confirmed, you will be sent a rough composition of the artwork and a quote for your approval.

Upon approval, a 25% deposit will be required before work on the portrait can begin. Deposit can be paid by e-transfer or credit card via PayPal.

3. Artwork Creation

Deposit of the artwork has been received and creative work begins.

Art Turnaround Time

For reference, turnaround time can be anywhere from 1-4 weeks from initiation of work, and depends on the requested options.

Hand-drawn artwork takes time and patience, with completion sometimes taking longer then estimated. If your artwork is falling behind schedule, you will be notified.


Your desired delivery date will have been discussed in consultation, and any urgent deadlines will be taken into consideration.

Artwork initiation is based around the artist’s commission schedule. As this schedule can fill up fast, the sooner you request your piece, the better your chance it can be ready by your desired delivery date.

4. Completion and Delivery

When the portrait is complete, you will receive a watermarked photo via email for your review. Completed art comes with a formal receipt, tips for artwork care and a artist signed certificate of authenticity.

Final Payment

Once you are satisfied with the artwork, you will be sent your final invoice. Payment can be made online by e-transfer or credit card via Paypal. No artwork will be shipped until final payment is received.

Cash payment is available only to those picking up from the Ajax location.

Shipping and Pick Up

Canada-wide shipping is included as part of your commission package. Once final payment is received, the art will be shipped and you will be sent a tracking number for the package.

Those who wish to pick up their art can set up a date and time to do so.

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