Pet Art FAQs

What is Pet Art and how does it work?

Pet Art creates custom, hand-drawn portraits from your favourite pet photos. You first submit an artwork request with your fav photos and desired options. From there, you work artist Kat O'Donnell (typically through email, but also by phone/in person) to make sure all your specifications are addressed. Your portrait is then skillfully crafted and once complete, carefully delivered to you. For the full detailed process, click here

How long does a portrait take?

Once work on a portrait begins, it can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on the size, medium and extra options. Portrait initiation is dependant on the commission schedule, and there are peak times throughout the year. The sooner you commission your portrait, the better your chance that it can be completed by your preferred deadline.

What if my deadline is too soon?

If you require the artwork to be completed sooner then what is available (ex: you want to gift it on a loved one's special day) then ordering a Pet Art Gift Voucher Package is recommended. Take credit for this creative gift idea, while having a nice decorative piece that is ready to gift on the day. As a added bonus, this allows your recipient to be directly involved the the creative process. More about gift vouchers.

Can you combine several animal photos into one piece?

Yes! Available as an extra feature, pictures of multiple subjects can be collaged into a single artwork. The photos will be edited and arranged in 1-3 different compositions, depending on what works visually. These compositions will be sent to you for review. Artwork will only begin once a composition has been approved by you.

Do you offer framing?

Typically, No. Most commissions are shipped after completion. Framed artwork has a higher risk of damage during transport. As well, added weight from the frame will significantly increase the shipping cost. Special requests can be made, but it is recommend that framing be done after you receive the artwork.

What materials are used?

All drawings from Pet Art by Kat O'Donnell use:

  • Canson 100 lb Foundation Bristol-Smooth Acid-Free Drawing Paper
  • Staedtler Mars® Lumograph® premium quality pencils (for black and white artwork)
  • Faber-Castell PITT PASTEL Pencils (for colour artwork)