Standard Portrait Pricing

Prices below reflect a standard, bust-style portrait of a single subject.
Extra Features (such as additional subjects / background detail / etc.) are available at additional costs. See Pricing
All prices include HST and Canada-wide shipping, meaning no hidden/extra costs!

Graphite Size Reference

B & W Art

(Graphite Pencil)

8x10 - $130

11x14 - $180

16x20 - $240

Colour Art

(Pastel Pencil)

8x10 - $180

11x14 - $240

16x20 - $300

Pastel Size Reference

Extra Features for Pet Portraits

Extra features are custom add-ons that can enhance a standard pet portrait to better fit your personal specifications. See below for available features from Pet Art by Kat. Extra feature prices are added on top of your standard portrait fee.


Additional Subjects

Pet Art portraits can have multiple subjects in the same artwork. They can even be collaged together from many different photos.

When this option is chosen, a few different compositions with be mocked up and sent for approval before the artwork begins.

Multiple subject art is great for people who have had many pets over the years and would like them together in one piece. Max. 5 animals per portrait is recommended.


Human Subjects

Pet Art by Kat does focus primarily on animal portraits; however, human subjects can be incorporated into a portrait if requested.

So if you and your pet struck the perfect pose together, it can definitely become a piece of art.


Spot Colour on Graphite Portrait

Want to add a dynamic effect to your graphite portrait? A glossy spot colour can be used to create a striking focal point (example: eyes or collar).

This is also a great alternative to getting a full colour artwork if you have an animal that is mostly grey, black or white.


Extra Details

Extra details can definitely add something more to a portrait.

Whether it be more depth by adding a background colour, or a more special meaning by adding a text element (such as a name, birth date or quote).

This feature is great for memorial pieces, where adding a thoughtful epitaph will help honour the memories you shared with your pet.


Full Body Artwork

Standard Pet Art portraits offer bust style pieces focusing on the face/head area of the subject, but full body artwork is available upon request.

If your pet has a quirky, adorable pose that just can't be left out of the piece, then a full body artwork is recommended for you.


Custom Sizing

Custom sizing a portrait can help better fit your subjects composition.

It can also make for a more dynamic piece of decor in your home.


Custom Photo Shoot

Can't get a good photo of your pet? Let Pet Art give it a try!

If you need a good quality photo taken to use as reference in your artwork, A custom photo shoot can be arranged.

Photos will be taken on a professional DSLR camera, which ensures a high amount of detail, and therefore, a more detailed artwork.

Digital copies of photos from the shoot will be provided to you upon delivery of the artwork.



Black coloured frames are in available in all standard sizes when requested.

For a wider variety of options and reduced risk of damage while shipping, utilize a professional framer after receiving your artwork. We can recommend some excellent framers in the GTA area.

Ready for you own Pet Portrait?